On the way to Cebu Philippines, February 2016

IMG_9474This February, I had the opportunity to do some traveling in the Philippines.
The journey began visiting my friend, Corey Wills, an avid yogi and surfer that lives in Subic, on the west coast of Luzon, just northwest of Manila. Corey and his partner Mona Lisa served up some amazing raw food dishes!
Corey had just finished building on to enlarge his yoga space on his property and I was the first visiting yogi who got to practice there. We went surfing a few times at Zambales and caught some fun waves and had some amazing swims near his house in Subic.
Next stop was visiting my buddy¬†Pi Villarazaa and family at GK Enchanted farms in Bulacan just north of Manila. I got a full tour of the IASIS Retreat Center that Pi and his wife Daniw now run. The quick stopover in Bulucan was just a stepping stone as i quickly got on a plane to Palawan Island to go stay a few nights at Maia Earth Village just outside of Puerto Princessa. I had an amazing time connecting with the residents of Maia with evening group dinners and music jams, got to surf some big waves at the beach, paint my house and chill out from the fast pace of my life in Hong Kong:-) ….and got a chance to see Choc & Craig’s newborn child.
Then on to Cebu where my fiancé, Ambikha and I attended a month long Natural Therapy course at the Ananda Marga Yoga Wellness Center led by the charismatic Dada Dharmavedananda. The course was full of Natural therapies, fasting, liver flushes, yoga, kirtan, meditation and amazing vegetarian food. We learned a lot about how to give natural therapies while making some great new friends. I lost some weight from all the fasting, but got to take away a lot of natural therapy wisdom and great memories.IMG_9368IMG_9429 IMG_9377 IMG_9374 IMG_9449 IMG_9459 IMG_9521 IMG_9544



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